Research Results: Library home page testing and surveys

User Experience Project ID: UX-1922, Library homepage development
Purpose: Assess usability and clarity of proposed website designs
Stakeholders: UVA Library staff and users

Test dates

  • 2/22/17 – 2/24/17 ; 9/14/17 – 9/19/17 ; 11/15/17 – 11/21/17 (usability testing with UVA undergraduate and graduate students)
  • 4/5/17 – 4/14/17 (online surveys of UVA students, staff, and website visitors)

Methodologies: Usability tests (3) and online surveys (3) to present iterations of Library home page designs to test usability and elicit feedback. Efforts were focused on search box location, carousel location and navigation, Hours page, Research page, mobile and tablet navigation, and link naming.

Summary of findings

  • Hours are easily found and testers liked its new prominence
  • Mobile version of Hours is easily navigated and was praised as “well-formatted”
  • Improved visibility of search, which is a primary or secondary task for website visitors
  • The “Ask a Librarian” brand is firmly established and the “Ask a subject specialist” link seems to be understood as another place to get help
  • Iterations of new design were usually viewed as more attractive than the previous versions
  • Mobile hamburger menu is more easily found when labeled “MENU”
  • The Research page redesign was described as clean, efficient, logical, and organized
  • Thumbnail images under the carousel image helped testers navigate content

Project status: Newly designed website theme rolled out 3/7/2018

Final reports (UVA only):

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