Research Results: Catalog Advanced Search

Project details:

  • User Experience Project ID: UX-27 Virgo UI Design for Full-text and Exact Search
  • Purpose: Assess usability of proposed changes to Catalog Advanced Search in Virgo. These changes will allow the user to select “exact” searching and/or allow the user to select full-text searching for keywords
  • Stakeholders: All Virgo users
  • Test date: 5/22/15
  • Test participants: 1 graduate student and 2 undergraduates
  • Methodology: In-person with paper mock-up of proposed changes

Brief summary of findings:

  • Two of the three users correctly matched search results to the search strategies, indicating an understanding of how “Don’t stem” and “Full-text” work.
  • Users did not readily understand the meaning of “stem” and “full-text”, but found the Help text clear.
    • (Some minor changes were made based on user recommendations: Discussing both stemmed and non-stemmed searches, including a fuller explanation of what the “full-text” option does, and using the term “group” instead of “phrase.”)
  • One user specifically mentioned liking the checkboxes.
  • The graduate student was well-versed in Virgo Advanced Search and easily understood how the new features work.
    • Undergraduates demonstrated more confusion with terminology but used good logic to anticipate how the features work.

Project Files:

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