Research Results: Brown Library Space Study

Project Details

  • User Experience Project ID: UX-720, Brown Space Study
  • Purpose: Assess Brown space usage in preparation for redesign of Brown 140 due to Total Advising project space reductions.
  • Stakeholders: UVA Library Total Advising Project Space Team, Staff housed in Brown Library
  • Test dates: 4/7-4/8/2016
  • Test participants: 111 (106 undergrad, 4 grad, 1 staff)
  • Methodology: Two separate approaches were taken to gather data. The first was a direct solicitation and handout method, where, for one hour, students entering Brown library were asked if they would participate in the survey and asked to return the survey to a box on the way out. 100 students were selected and agreed to participate, with at least 63 returning the survey. After Brown staff relayed to the UX members conducting the survey that many students had enquired about participating in the survey, a change in method ensued and a second 100 surveys were left on the return table in Brown for users to fill out at will. At the same time the initial 63 returns were recovered by UX staff. An additional 48 surveys were recovered by staff the next morning, 24 hours after the initial survey start. All surveys were then entered by hand into a QuestionPro instrument designed process the survey data.

Summary of Findings

  • Brown’s users are almost exclusively undergraduates and are, in general, happy with their study options, both for groups and individuals.
  • Noise, crowding, lighting, and available outlets are the users’ chief concerns.
  • Most users utilize the Main Floor.
  • Users of the stacks floors were more content with the environment.
  • Users view the Ground and Intermediate Floor as quiet floors.

Project File

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