Google is breaking out of the box with ‘Now on Tap’

The BBC reports on a Google innovation for mobile devices that analyzes the context of text to conduct searches with the push of a button, rather than typing in a search box:

The feature works with any app. And if someone wants to know something specific, they can trigger a contextual voice search by saying: “OK Google”.
One possibility would be asking: “Who’s the lead singer?” when a song’s name is displayed in Spotify.
“It’s search designed for the mobile world,” says Mr Singhal.
“You don’t have to switch windows to type information into one window and then go to another.”

The new functionality is being released as part of the latest version of the Android operating system.

The article outlines the business strategy behind the decision, the competitive landscape, and privacy concerns.

Will contextual search set the bar for the library search experience?

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