What About Us?


I’m always thinking about how to engage users through personal connections with otherwise opaque services.

This Search Engine Journal article has a similar focus with respect to About Us pages: “25 Creative and Engaging About Us Pages“.

According to the piece there are some rules of thumb about what makes good About Us pages:

For starters, it should be informative. It doesn’t always have to tell the whole story, but it should at least provide people with an idea of who and what you are. Besides that, it should contain social proof, testimonials, and some personal information that viewers can relate to such as education, family, etc.

The article continues with some examples of stellar About Us pages and why they are successful.

One in particular that stood out to me as being somewhat analogous to libraries is National Geographic. Like our library, it has a long history, is an organizational vs. personal site, and has a great depth of information to convey about what it does due to its multifaceted activities.

The data fan in me also liked this graphic designer’s About page because he uses some unexpected visuals (a humorous bar chart) to communicate his skills. It made me wonder how we could visually portray ourselves with the user and collections data we’ve amassed.

I point out this article to encourage some thinking about ‘humanizing’ our web presence. As brought out in my recent user interviews, there is a strong desire to connect with people in addition to materials. Hopefully these examples will generate some ideas and tactics you could use for your own pages that would help users connect with the content in a more personal way.