Research Results: Library home page testing and surveys

User Experience Project ID: UX-1922, Library homepage development Purpose: Assess usability and clarity of proposed website designs Stakeholders: UVA Library staff and users Test dates 2/22/17 – 2/24/17 ; 9/14/17 – 9/19/17 ; 11/15/17 – 11/21/17 (usability testing with UVA undergraduate and … Continue reading

Research Results: Website Information Architecture testing

User Experience Project ID: UX-2846, Analyze Tree-Test Results Purpose: Assess usability and clarity of proposed website top level reorganization Stakeholders: UVA Library staff and users Testing dates: 11/13/17 – 11/14/17 Participants: 29 UVA undergraduates (paid) Methodology Enrolled undergraduates were solicited … Continue reading