What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong

Time.com published an interesting piece about what the author terms “The Attention Web.” I’d summarize The Attention Web as a new philosophy about how content producers and advertisers seek to engage audiences. Rather than measure users’ interest solely by what … Continue reading

To focus group or not to focus group? That’s a great question!

Recently, I consulted with a colleague about conducting a focus group with users who could potentially benefit from a new collection. Given the type of collection it is, it also merits its own physical space in the library. The research … Continue reading

Research Results: Web Scale Discovery Service User Tests

Project details: User Experience Project ID: UX-111 WSDS Evaluation Purpose: To determine user preference with respect to Primo, EDS and Summon products Stakeholders:┬áLibrary public services, Virgo users Test dates: U.Va. Library staff – 2/26/14 to 3/31/14; U.Va. Faculty, Graduate Students … Continue reading