Do we need a texting style guide?

I ran across this article that, to my utter surprise, announced that the plain old period (that seemingly innocent concluder of sentences), is now perceived as surly in text communications: The period was always the humblest of punctuation marks. Recently, … Continue reading

What About Us?

I’m always thinking about how to engage users through personal connections with otherwise opaque services. This Search Engine Journal article has a similar focus with respect to About Us pages: “25 Creative and Engaging About Us Pages“. According to the … Continue reading

UX Success: Medieval Studies LibGuide

As part of a new feature, I’d like to highlight Library staff UX successes as examples of user experience best practices we can emulate. A recent example was announced last week with the availability of a new Medieval Studies LibGuide, … Continue reading

Users read websites! Sometimes!

I just posted some useful web resources that may help you develop more effective online content. Check out the “Writing for the Web” section: I’d like to highlight one recent Nielsen Norman Group article in particular called, “Website Reading: … Continue reading

Research Results: Faculty Interviews on Library Engagement

Project details: User Experience Project ID: UX-111A Purpose: To inform new Library service models initiatives and support engagement focus. Stakeholders: Various Test dates: 1/11/13-1/18/13 Test participants: 5 faculty from the University Library Committee Methodology: Semi-structured personal interviews Details: Users responded … Continue reading

Research Results: Research Data Services Subsite Landing Page

Project details: User Experience Project ID: UX-112 UVa Library Project ID: LIBPMO-19 Purpose: To determine the best layout and content for a landing page on a new RDS subsite. Ultimately, this site would incorporate all RDS service sites and pages. … Continue reading

Making waiting fun

As I’m fond of saying, there is more to creating a memorable user experience than simply¬† making something functional. This video demonstrates an innovative solution to a perceived problem (avoiding boredom while waiting for a traffic light to change) that … Continue reading

Talking with users during a usability test

Often times, users will ask facilitators direct questions during user testing, which can be difficult to handle without inadvertently leading users and skewing results. This article, Talking with Users During a Usability Test, gives 3 techniques for facilitators to skillfully … Continue reading