Making waiting fun

crosswalk gameAs I’m fond of saying, there is more to creating a memorable user experience than simply¬† making something functional.

This video demonstrates an innovative solution to a perceived problem (avoiding boredom while waiting for a traffic light to change) that is engaging.

Yes, it’s important that the crosswalk work correctly. But this ‘pedestrian’ task can also be fun with the right mindset.

What boring library tasks could be transformed into positive, memorable experiences?

3 thoughts on “Making waiting fun

  1. What I took away from this video was not that the game actually matters very much– what makes this intersection pleasant is the opportunity to interact with other people who are also waiting for the same thing, in a low-investment, low-risk way.

  2. I agree. I think it’s a UX responsibility to structure opportunities for connections and surprises. Those elements help to form an experience that can transform behavior and generate goodwill.

  3. Very cool…as noted above the neat part is the interaction with a stranger. On a German to English note, I’m pretty sure what he said when he was scored on was not “damn” . . .

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