Research Results: Dataset Deposit and Search in Libra

User Experience Project ID: UX-514 and UX-570, Complete user testing and analysis for Dataverse Deposit and Search functions in Libra, the online archive for University of Virginia scholarship Purpose: Assess usability and clarity of the data deposit process and search function in … Continue reading

Research Results: Staff Website Information Architecture

Project details:  User Experience Project ID: UX-16 Reorganize Staff Website Purpose: Reevaluate the information architecture (IA) of the Staff Website in response to expressed user needs. Stakeholders: U.Va. Library staff Test dates: Launched 12/11/14 Test participants: 31 Library staff members Methodology: Remote, online open … Continue reading

Research Results: Interview with Expert Manuscript Researcher

Project details: User Experience Project ID: UX-119 Manuscripts Discovery Purpose: Have exploratory conversation with a visiting expert researcher to understand the research process and mental models related to manuscript research. Interview date: 3/3/15 Interview participants: 1 expert researcher (J.D., Ph.D.), U.Va. Library User Experience Librarian … Continue reading

Research Results: Clemons Media Classrooms Reservation Form

Project details:   User Experience Project ID: UX-3 Room Reservation Systems Purpose: Assess usability of proposed changes to Clemons Media Reservation Form Stakeholders: Clemons staff who moderate bookings; Faculty and grad students who book rooms for viewing media Test dates: 2/4/15-2/10/15 Test participants: 4 graduate students … Continue reading

Research Results: Special Collections Research Conversation

Project details:   User Experience Project ID: UX-18 Manuscripts Discovery Undergraduate Focus Group [Associated with UX-119: Manuscripts Discovery] Purpose: Explore undergraduates’ reflections on using special collections as part of a course project. Stakeholders: Primarily staff who work with special collections. Test date: … Continue reading

Research Results: Manuscripts Discovery (Round 1)

Project details:   User Experience Project ID: UX-119 Manuscripts Discovery [Round 1] Purpose: Explore usability concerns related to test instance of hierarchical manuscript discovery interface. (See document, “Manuscripts Discovery – Summary of Issues“) Stakeholders: Special collections repositories in Law, Health Sciences … Continue reading